Wave Crest was founded by IT engineers working on Government projects that realized the need for specialized IT contract financing. We have been where you are now. Our team knows the Federal contracting space, and can help provide solutions fast and effectively because we've been there and have successfully built Government Contracting firms along the way.

our process is designed to be fast & efficient

When a business needs capital to achieve its objectives and grow, getting the answers you need rapidly is critical. At Wave Crest, our entire business is built around becoming a responsive and professional financial partner to our clients. You can depend on us to provide rapid invoice factoring when you need it.

Getting started with Wave Crest is easy. You can easily fill out an application through this website. Once we receive your request, we will begin processing your information and and contact you to develop the right solution for you in a matter of minutes. It’s that simple.

we provide access TO capital

Our clients gain the ability to obtain rapid invoice factoring for Government contracts, even in situations where more traditional commercial banking may not be available, particularly if your business is:

  • Newly formed

  • Rapidly growing

  • Has a narrow customer base

  • Has slow-paying customers

  • Is thinly capitalized


Our clients also garner several benefits from working with Wave Crest. These include:

  • Rapid and reliable invoice factoring approval. Once we have established a relationship, we can provide financing to your business in less than 24 hours.

  • Not debt. No need to risk your home or the well-being of your family to secure a loan. Rapid invoice factoring is not debt and does not sit on the balance sheet.

  • Non-dilutive to company owners. Our financing does not require the sale of your company's shares, and hence does not cause dilution of the existing shareholders.

  • Reduces credit loss because Wave Crest assumes the responsibility of collecting on all approved accounts.

  • Improved and more timely financial reporting. Our clients have 24/7 access to Wave Crest’s Client Portal which provides:

    • The aging of open accounts

    • Your clients’ payment history

    • Current capital available to you and your business

  • Wave Crest believes in developing a meaningful business partnership. We want to be a catalyst for your growth. To do that, we prefer to establish a closer working relationship than might typically exist with a bank loan officer administering a line of credit.