We KNOW FEDERAL CONTRACTING & serve as your financial partner

Wave Crest is dedicated to helping Government contracting companies grow. When cash flow slows down, it hinders your ability to run your company. How many times have you put aside bills, lost sleep over payroll, or had to pass on a major opportunity? Most growing businesses experience a period of turmoil when outstanding receivables are holding them back.

Utilizing Wave Crest can make the difference.

We serve as your financial partner, custom tailoring rapid invoice factoring solutions to fit your capital needs and constraints. Lets get started by downloading and filling out our application here, or by exploring the capital solutions below:


Non-recourse RAPID invoice factoring

Once you are set up as a client, Wave Crest pays you cash for your invoices within 24 hours of verification. Depending on your industry and situation, Wave Crest will provide rapid invoice factoring. Fees are calculated as a percent of invoice, at a pre-determined rate, in a clear and upfront manner. Explore Wave Crest’s easy factoring step-by-step process below:


asset based lending

Asset-Based Lending (ABL) refers to lines of credit secured by balance-sheet assets: accounts receivables, inventory, or other assets. ABL is also commonly known as a working capital or commercial finance loan. As your business grows and as the volume of receivables goes up, Wave Crest will reconfigure your ABL credit to reflect that growth with a higher spending limit. Explore Wave Crest’s easy ABL step-by-step process below.