Upon receiving the completed application, Wave Crest will begin the learning process about your company. Within two (2) business days of receiving your completed application and additional documentation listed below, we will submit to you a term sheet proposal for your consideration provided that we can meet your borrowing needs. Contact us at if you have any questions.


Company Financials: Contract Documents:

- Income Statement & Balance Sheet - Copy of Contracts and Amendments

- Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Reports - 3 Months of Invoices

- Six (6) months of bank Statements - Contract POC(s)

- 3 Months of Payroll Journal

Corporate Documents: Personal Documents:

- Certificate of Incorporation or Formation - Government ID for each owner/partner

- Shareholders/Operating/LLC Agreement

- IRS EIN Letter

- Summary of any debt or advances outstanding

You can download and submit an application along with supporting documents to or complete the online application form below.

Option 1 - Download and email completed application and supporting documents to

Application can be downloaded by clicking here.

Option 2 - Submit application online by completing the form below.